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French delights

ÖSCH NOIR - A Michelin star restaurant in the Black Forest

Experience culinary delights at the highest level paired with an exquisite atmosphere and excellent service at our fine dining restaurant ÖSCH NOIR in Baden-Württemberg. With passion and authenticity, chef Manuel Ulrich and his team create true, extraordinary culinary art. Awaken your senses with the fusion of exquisite ingredients and sophistication in our Michelin star awarded restaurant in the Black Forest.


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Luxurious style

Architecture & Ambience


The architecture of the Michelin star restaurant reflects modern interpretation of the Black Forest. The luxurious setting offers an appropriate ambience for a world-class restaurant visit. The surroundings boast modern clean lines, glamorous design and elegant design. The interior is characterized by the stunning interplay of light and shadow to create a harmonious atmosphere. There are round style seating arrangements that can accommodate up to four people per table. Separated by chains with glass balls, stylish light effects are created that are reminiscent of the crisp morning dew in the Black Forest. Allow yourself to be transported into a world of culinary delight and true luxury in our Michelin star restaurant in the Black Forest, we are looking forward to serving you.

Opening and closing times

Wednesday to Sunday and Public Holidays 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Fixed closing times in 2022

August 15th to September 13th 2022


Please note that dogs are not allowed.