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Your Health. Your Enjoyment.

The Selfcare Vital Season


With the Selfcare Vital Season by Der Öschberghof, we have designed a holistic vitality program for you. Over a period of six months there are many different themes and focal points that build on one another. By focusing on an active and healthy lifestyle, the Selfcare Vital Season manages to offer to you the perfect break from your everyday life.


Diagnostics and treatment methods that are getting better each and every day, new medicines and ongoing research: modern medicine is making many things possible, even if it seemed until recently nearly unattainable. Nevertheless human health is and remains a pretty fragile system, which needs more of our awareness because it’s so much more than just the sum of its individual functions.


Get to know the harmony of body, mind and soul based on holistic health with the Selfcare Vital Season, because balance is a keyfactor of a vitality!






Immunboost - Get your body's defences going!

Everything builds up on a healthy body! Therefore November is all about boosting your immune-system and defensive forces. Start the cold season and train your body to defence itself.

Selfcare Vital Season surrounded by walking sticks, hiking boots and blueberries

Movemement Mobility - get slack!

Not only good body defences are decisive for your health.

Famously December is the month for good food and few movement. So let's start fit into the new year together.


Clean Body - Reboot your body!

To find your kick after the Christmas days is often quite difficult.

January stands for a new start, especially for the body. We will show you how you can gain your energy back for your everyday life despite detoxing.


Vitaminpower - Treat yourself with a vital energy-kick!

How vitamins and special minerals help your immune system is topic in the month of February. We will clarify which food contains which vitamins and how many and which vitamins exactly are required for a healthy body.


Fascination Fascia - Inspection for your muscles!

The fascia is a hull layer that is surrounding our muscles and organs. They protect us from injuries and support our body in the movement.

The month march should answer all questions that concern the fascia, how they work and how they help our body.


Healthy Bodyfeeling - Go for the whole!

As the crowning closure of the Selfcare Vital Season, a new bodyfeeling is supposed to be transmitted to our guests. April is bundles all previous topics and is giving you the last kick for a healthy start into a new self.