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Your Health. Your Enjoyment.

The Selfcare Vital Season


The Selfcare Vital Season by Der Öschberghof is our answer to your energy, balance and well-being needs. The holistic concept consists of six connected and coherent soils which build on each other and are changing each month.


Improving diagnostics and treatment methods, new medications and developing research: modern medical science leaves few borders uncrossed that a few years ago no one thought would be possible. Yet the human health remains a fragile construct that is more than the sum of all of its functions.

Learn more about the Selfcare Vital Season with patron Dr. Anne Fleck who wants to introduce you to a more holistic health thanks to the harmony of body, mind and soul!





Holistic health-programm based on the Doc Fleck method

Nutrition and movement, stress reduction and behaviour coaching – all of that is part of the successful Doc Fleck Method. The Method is named after its originator Anne Fleck, famous from TV-shows like „the nutrition-docs“, many rewarded health bestsellers like „Slim & Healthy“ and „Energy“ or her own podcast at BRIGITTE life. As patron of the Selfcare Vital Season she, like many other experts, is involved in the conception of the holistic concept.



Doc Fleck method at the Öschberghof

Come and live to see the Doc Fleck Method at the Öschberghof and start your healthy future with the Selfcare Vital Season. From November 2021 to April 2022 the Selfcare Vital Season is available for all our guests. No special booking is needed.


Dr. Anne Fleck

„The way to health is individual“ – Dr. Anne Felck, Internist and preventive doctor. With modern techniques of preventive medicine she is aiming for the best possible health and life-quality until a high age. The by her invented Doc Fleck Method is a combination of classic medicine, innovative individual-, preventive-, and nutrition-medicine as well as  valid nature curing methods and stress-medicine and consists of diagnostics and therapy. The sensible early identification of changes in the physical or mental balance is essential says Dr. Fleck, for self-restoration and regeneration.

With her help guests learn to be aware of nutrition, sleep and better movement during the Selfcare Vital Season.

The Doc Fleck Method is not supposed to be a regiment but it can be well integrated in the everyday-life: „I wish that guests of the Öschberghof take home the new learned lifestyle from the Selfcare Vital Season and continue with it as self-evident.“ – Dr. Anne Fleck.




Immunboost - Get your body's defences going!

Everything builds up on a healthy body! Therefore November is all about boosting your immune-system and defensive forces. Start the cold season and train your body to defence itself.


Movemement Mobility - get slack!

Not only good body defences are decisive for your health.

Famously December is the month for good food and few movement. So let's start fit into the new year together.


Clean Body - Reboot your body!

To find your kick after the Christmas days is often quite difficult.

January stands for a new start, especially for the body. We will show you how you can gain your energy back for your everyday life despite detoxing.


Vitaminpower - Treat yourself with a vital energy-kick!

How vitamins and special minerals help your immune system is topic in the month of February. We will clarify which food contains which vitamins and how many and which vitamins exactly are required for a healthy body.


Fascination Fascia - Inspection for your muscles!

The fascia is a hull layer that is surrounding our muscles and organs. They protect us from injuries and support our body in the movement.

The month march should answer all questions that concern the fascia, how they work and how they help our body.


Healthy Bodyfeeling - Go for the whole!

As the crowning closure of the Selfcare Vital Season, a new bodyfeeling is supposed to be transmitted to our guests. April is bundles all previous topics and is giving you the last kick for a healthy start into a new self.