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Exceptional Wine Delight

Exellent wine counselling and an exquisite variety


With a great range of regional and international wine rarities and a charismatic sommelier Häni's Önothek complements our culinary universe. Restaurant manager and head-sommelier of our 2*-Michelin restaurant ÖSCH NOIR Michael Häni can offer you the perfect wine with imaginative descriptions and individual recommendations.


You would like to take your vacation with you and taste it time and time again? Hereby we want to be offering you the possibility to do exactly that by being able to give you the exact wine from your dinner in one of our restaurants.


You will savour your unforgettable time at the ÖSCHBERGHOF also at home.


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Mann hält eine große Weinflasche und lehnt am Türrahmen zur Önothek

Your vacation in a bottle


Michael Häni puts your relish as a top priority. To indulge in memories of your unforgettable vacation you should have the opportunity to be reliving these moments again and again though tasting this one particular rare drop of wine.


Let yourself be carried away by the personal counselling and the charismatic being. Furthermore you can find the ideal wine as a present for your loved ones or a tasting-sensation for a special occasion.


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Friday to Sunday

15.00 p.m. - 18.00 p.m.


Our Guest Relations will also provide you with an individual appointment